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Video games have become an integral part of modern culture, and more and more people want to play exciting games. We help them find hidden gems.


For a player to become interested in a game, he must first know that it exists. Our company helps indie developers promote their games and find target audiences.

Skyscraper Games is an indie publisher of hidden gems for PC and consoles. We offer developers favorable terms of cooperation, and players a new gaming experience.


We can thoroughly test your game, search for bugs, and give you detailed feedback
We can advise you on how best to get your game ready for release during the development phase
Store Pages
We can help you with the preparation of game pages in stores
Promo Materials
We can help you with the pitches / illustrations / trailers for promoting the game


Twin Stick Shooter

Twin stick shooter in a steampunk setting with a captivating storyline and spectacular shootouts

Developer: Siberian Koala
Release: Q2 2023